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Large TV Recessed Mounting

This was a setup in our rumpus room to house a TV. I made the recess etc probably 8 months before I even thought about getting a TV for it, and I sort of ‘estimated’ the size I’d need. The back of the recess is 12mm MDF and it is set 100mm back from the… Read More »

Attic/Ceiling Storage

Ever trying to find more storage areas, I converted this part of the ceiling to decent, dry storage space. The pictures show the dimensions, and it is pretty good for storing rolling boxes and other things (think Xmas decorations, photos etc). The insulation all around means that it never gets too hot or cold in… Read More »

Dog Motel

We just got a new and decided it needed a place to hang out outside… and somewhere to poop as we had no grass area. The area was an existing pebble garden that we cleared and put down a scoria base. We built a picket fence around the edge and laid some astroturf. The gate… Read More »

Solid Trestle Craft Table

We had seen ideas for making trestle tables, and we wanted something that would perfectly fit a nook area for sewing, craft etc. I wanted to make it for as little money as possible, so we found an old heavy commercial work surface someone had on trademe for about $20 and cut it to suit… Read More »

Ceiling Kids Loft

The roof in this basic ’80s 3 bed townhouse was a triple pitch design, and I found about a 1m width and 5m wide area that had no cross bracing. It was a bit of a design exercise to figure out accessibility without cutting anything structural, but the roof was a decent pitch so you… Read More »

Castle Bed and Princess Bedroom

This was is a fully functional castle bed with play area underneath made from MDF sheets and various princess items to match. The bed had a recessed set of remote controlled white LED lights around the middle and inside, and up though the turret – which also had the access footholds. The bed did prove… Read More »

Kid’s Outdoor Play Area

Once we had dug masses of dirt from the front of our property for the fence, I needed something to do with it all so I decided to lay it out back as a raised kids play space (some did go into some raised gardens also). I boxed in a split level area at the… Read More »