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ApplianceCompletionNotification [Appliance Completion Notification]
CabinetFanController [A Tasmota based fan controller for Equipment Cabinet]
CameraOnRaspberryPiZero [Notes on setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera]
DimmerControlWithMicro [Notes and links for controlling 230V lighting with a micro]
DockerOnControlPi2017 [Docker Notes]
EdgerouterRulesControlOverMQTT [Edgouter Firewall Control over MQTT]
EdgerouterXSetup [Ubiquiti Edgerouter X Setup]
EnergyMonitoringPZEM004T [Whole House 3 Phase Energy Monitoring using PZEM-004T]
FineOffsetWeatherStationReset [WH1080 Fine Offset Weather Station Reset]
HomeAutomationFrontDoorLock [Home Automation - Front Door Lock]
HomeAutomationLinks [Home Automation and Home Product info]
HomeControlComponents [Home Control Items in the Box]
KoganSmartGlassKettleTasmota [Kogan Smart Glass Kettle 1.7L Tasmota]
KoganSmartPlugNotes [Kogan Smart Plug Notes]
LaundryTasmota [Laundry Automation]
LEDLoungeUplighting [LED Strip Ambient Up-lighting]
MoesZigbeeSceneButtons [Notes for Moes Zigbee Scene Switch]
MQTTControlComputer [Controlling a Computer Remotely with MQTT]
OpenVPNDocker [openVPNSetup with Docker]
PetFeedingTracking [Tracking Pet Feeding with Home Automation]
PlasticProjectBoxes [Plastic Project Box Details]
RaspberryPiDoorbell [Raspberry Pi Doorbell]
RFControlWithMicro [Replacing RF remote with Micro Control]
RinnaiNeoAutomation [Wired Automation of Rinnai Gas Heater]
Rtl433Docker [Using an SDR and RTL_433 in docker with MQTT]
SinilinkUSBTasmota [Sinilink USB XY-WFUSB Tasmota Flash]
SonoffHomeAutomationSummary [The 4 steps of Home Automation with Sonoffs, Tasmota and MQTT]
SonoffSetup2017 [Flashing and using a Sonoff with Tasmota firmware]
SpeedtestDocker [An internet Speed test to InfluxDB with Docker]
StreamCCTVRaspberryPi [Pi CCTV Monitor RTSP Display]
SwimmingPoolAutomation [Swimming Pool Controls, Heating and Automation Notes]
TasmotaBathroomFanRules [Tasmota Rules to control a triple Bathroom light button]
TasmotaRules [Various Tasmota Rules]
TDMDocker [Tasmota Device Manager and Docker]
TelegrafDocker [Telegraf Configuration]
TuyaLocalSettings [Home Assistant Tuya Local Settings]
ViewRoadSonoffIDs [Sonoff Identifiers for View Road]
ViewSonicTouchscreen [Viewsonic Touchscreen PC Setup]
WeatherStationDocker [USB Weather Station using Docker]
YunhanRelayESP8366 [Yunshan HW-622 ESP8266 ESP12F Mains or ELV 10A AC/DC WIFI Network Relay Mod]
Zigbee2MqttNotes [Notes for zigbee2mqtt Setup for Home Automation]

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