Caravan Camping Equipment List

Safety, Cleaning, Knicknacks

ItemDetailTaking? Check
SunblockKids Sunblock
SunblockAdults Sunblock
Insect Repellent
First Aid KitIn Car & In Caravan
Kitchen Paper roll
Box of TissuesIn car
Toilet Paper roll
Waterless hand cleaner In Car
Fly Spray In Caravan
Dustpan, Brush
Small Broom
Washing Up Liquid
Laundry Detergent
Spray and Wipe
Scrubbing pad
Dish Cloth
Dish Brush
Dish Washing BucketYellow one
Tea Towelsx2
Laundry Bag
Large Black Rubbish Bagsin Caravan under sink
Plastic Shopping Bagsdirty washing etc (rolled up in paper towels)
Fly trapsSticky traps
Cable Ties
Blue Tack
Duct Tape
AA Batteries
AAA Batteries
Spare Button Cell for car remote(s)
Staple Gun(s) and staples

Clothing Kids

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Bucket Hat
Toilet Bags
Beach Towels
Shower Towels
Face Cloths
Beach/Water Shoes
Rash Shirt
Clothing Bag
Warm Jackets
Hoodie Sweatshirts
Rain jacket

Clothing H

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Bucket Hat
Toilet Bag
Beach Towels
Shower Towels
Face Cloths
Rash Shirt
Beach Shoes
Clothing Bags
Warm Jackets
Hoodie Sweatshirts
Rain Jacket

Cooking & Eating

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Plastic Cups
Plastic Bowls, Plates
Plastic Cutlery
Metal Cutlery
Coffee Mugs
Thermos Mug
Plastic Wine Glasses
Water Bottles
Drinking Straws
Coffee Plunger
Cooking Pots
Chopping Board
Fish Filleting Board
Tongs, Spatula, Can Opener, Serving Spoon
Cutting Knives
Fish Filleting Knife
Large Bowlsx2
Large Chillybinfood
Medium Chillybinfish
Expandable Chillibinin car
Wine Chillibag with plastic glasses
Small Roasting Dish
Beeswax Wraps


ItemDetailTaking? Check
Water BoxFill at home
Food & Drink
Cans of food
Breakfast Cereals
Plunger Coffee
Longlife Milk
Cooking Oil
Pepper and Salt
Tomato Sauce

Awning Requirements

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Main Awning
Awning Polespole bag
Show Awming
Show Awning Poles
Show Awning Guy Ropes
Peg Mallet
Tyre LeverFor peg Removal
Peg/Rope Bag
Flouro markers for guy ropes
Small Dome tentspare
Spare Pegs/Ropesspare
Fold-up Spadekept in car
Ez-Up PergolaBlack
Alloy PergolaBlue
Ez-Up Pergola pegs, ropes, sand bags, walls
Foam walk matsx4
Additional tarp/Groundsheet
Ropes for hanging stuff/clothesline
Clothes horse
Pegs for Clothesline
Wind Shelter fence/Pegs/stakes
Grey Hanging bag for tent nicknacks
Battery LED Light strings
Arlec Yellow LED floodlights and stand
Ryobi One+ Flood Light
Ryobi One+ Lantern
Ryobi One+ Torch
Ryobi One+ Driver
Ryobi One+ Battery(ies)
Ryobi One+ Battery Charger

Awning Sleeping

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Double Airbed Only if camping
Airbed electric Pump
Camp Stretchers/Bunks
Small Camp Stretcher If needed
Sleeping Bags Adults
Sleeping Bags Kids
Summer weight Sleeping Bag
Pillows Kids
Pillows Adults
Foam Mattress
Fitted Sheet for Airbed
Sheet for stretchers
Inflatable Pillows
Blankets x2
Airbed Repair Kit
Rubber Mattress for on top of squabs

Camping Furniture

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Fold out eating Table includes aluminium chairs
Fold out side table
Dual Burner Gas Stove
9kg Gas Bottle
Large Gas Light
Riser Pole for Gas Light & Stove
Zip up food safe
Camping BBQ
Camping BBQ regulator
Portable Gas Lantern
Portable Gas Lantern Canisters
Large Camping Chair
Smaller Camping fold out chairx4
tri-stoolsx2, In Car
Centre tent electric light
Beach Sun-dome
Solar shower Bagsx2
Orange Beach Roll MatE
Red & White Beach Umbrella
Wine Glass Holder Stakesx2
LED Tripod and Floodlights Lights

Beach & Sports Equipment

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Goggles Kids
Goggles Adults
Rockpool fish net
Flippers, Snorkle, Mask Kids
Flippers, Snorkle, Mask Adults
Boogie Board Kids
Plastic Buckets and Lidsx2
Containers for shells etcicecream containers/Lids?
Beach Spade
Water Gun(s)
Soccerball and Goal
Beach Frisbee
Water Balloons
Finnish Skittles


ItemDetailTaking? Check
CameraCamerabag with SLRs
Glow Sticks
Camping charcoal one-time bbq
Citronella candles
Citronella oil
Citronella burner
Gas Stick Lighterin Car
Head Torch Adults
Head Torch Kids
Dolphin TorchIn Car
Dolphin Torch Battery
Large MagliteIn Car
Small Torch for Kids
Board Games - Kids
Board Games - Adults
Rain Umbrella
Toys for Kids
M's Kathmandu Battery Lantern
E's Kathmandu Battery Lantern
Large Plastic BoxesFor storage


ItemDetailTaking? Check
Orange Camping Extension Lead
Blue Camping Extension Leadcampsite
Yellow Caravan Power Lead3 pin
Multiway Power Boardx1
4 Way Power Board
Small Extension Leadsx2
Small Wifi Access Point
Black Vodem/Hotspot
Large Wifi Access Point, USB Cable, Dongle, Riser Pole
Battery Charger/Inverter/Compressor
Battery Charger/Inverter/Compressor charge cables
Battery Charger/Inverter/Compressor connectors for balls etc
Tablet & Chargers for kids
Tablet/iPad for kids
iPhone charging cables
Black mini 230v desk fan
Fox Lamp

Kayaks & Fishing

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Stand up paddleboard Inflatable
KayakDouble 2+1
Kayaksx3 Sekat
KayaksPerception Sit-in
Kayak Paddles6 sets
Life Jacket Kids
Life Jacket (inflatable, H)
Life Jacket Adults
Kayak Seatsx4
Kayak Paddle Leashes
Life Jacketsadditional spares
Lock cables for kayaks
Waterproof hard bumbag
DrybagsGreen and Grey ones
Waterproof pockets2x for phones etc
Sea Anchor
Skirt for yellow kayak
Fishing Net
Starport Rod Holder
Fishing Rods
Tackle Box
Bait Catcher


ItemDetailTaking? Check
Chain and padlock+key
Tie down strapsx4
Bungiesx4 In Car
Trailer tarp
Fix-a-flat for trailer punctures


ItemDetailTaking? Check
12V PSU for internals
Plastic Bag for 12V PSU when outside
Greywater container
Fresh water container
jacking Blocks
Wheel Stops
Towing Mirrors


ItemDetailTaking? Check
2x Adult Bikes
M Bike
E Bike
Bike Helmets
Bike Locks
Bike Lock Keys
Bike Rack for car

On Hand Cash

ItemDetailTaking? Check
50c coinsFor Showers
$1 and $2 coinsFor Washing Machines/Dryers
$20Bond for security entry card
$$Iceblock Money

To Do before Leaving

Gas BottleFill
TrailerCheck WOF/Rego
CaravanCheck WOF/Rego, Gas Bottle
CarsCheck WOF/Rego
Charger/Inverter/CompressorEnsure Charged
FoodDo shopping....
Ice PacksEnsure Frozen
IceGet Some
CatOrganise feeding
ToysCheck which ones wanted
PlantsOrganise Watering

Everyday Item Reminder

ItemDetailTaking? Check
Reading Glasses
Glasses strap
Overglasses x
White Vodem
USB Cables/Adaptors
USB Charger Small and Large
USB Sticks

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