zorruno wikki: Notes on setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera

Notes on setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera

Raspberry Pi Camera and case from Adafruit

Doanload raspbian jessie lite and install on to micro SD Card

You'll want to setup wifi on the SD card before putting it in the pi zero. Essentially you need to mount the card modify wpa-supplicant.conf and also as jessie has ssh off by default, put an empty file called 'ssh' in /boot
example tutorial https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/raspberry-pi-zerow-headless-wifi-setup.html (I already knew this, so haven't vetted this tutorial...)

Put in the SD card and install the pi zero in case with camera poking though case hole

Mine looked like this when completed

ssh into the pi and change the pi
-user password, run raspi-config to setup localisation, turn the pi camera on etc

Setup Motion to do streaming (and no motion detection).

View your live video stream at the pi zero's IP address

Snap video to local storage using raspivid (in raspbian by default)

raspivid -o video.h264 -t 10000

I haven't looked at running motion and capturing local video at the same time (can't run them both directly)

Running motion as a streamer brings the load to about 86-90%. Trying to stream any higher increases load above 100% (with defaults as above). Raspivid uses little load.

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