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zorruno wikki: Raspberry Pi Doorbell

Raspberry Pi Doorbell

I have been looking for ages to replicate the functions of the functions of products like the Ring doorbell. I've seen a bunch of projects around, but not that have really covered everything I liked.

I nearly got to the point of just ordering a commercial solution such as this:
but was reluctant to use a non-generic cloud app on my network, and would also like to be able to do other things with the camera such as take snapshots and stream.


- 2 way audio from the door, to a phone app
- ability to view the person at the door whilst communicating via voice
- fast communication from time doorbell pressed
- minimal audio/video delay and lag
- ability to have more than one entry call
- ability for doorbells to call multiple people (also, preferably selectable with 2 doorbells a la apartment style)
- one or more actual doorbell 'bells' in the house that would operate even if the other technology fails
- a screen at the door for two way video (For a nice friendly video chat with the courier)
- ability to have an unlock button for the door easily accessible for the person receiving the calls
- video or image recorded with at least a snapshot when doorbell pressed
- ability to have at least one permanent 'receiver station' inside the house for answering calls.
- mqtt integration for logging and other functions
- notification with video/snapshot of a visitor that you have missed or not answered
- ability to change modes including, local calling only, silence/night mode, reply with 'leave us alone' messages (pref set via mqtt). This could double as a useful Halloween message system.
Stretched goals
- Use the same hardware for a fingerprint reader and/or NFC access (or 1 time code etc)
- video person detection, or just IR for additional snapshot images
- ability to take voicemail

split a stream from a RPi camera

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