zorruno wikki: Dashcams



Have recently bought these as a dual camera setup (2x 1080p for front/rear)

- Not bad overall for the price (Around NZ$160 shipped at the time)
- you can get just the front cam and record in 4k (Around $120), and getting the non-GPS models are slightly cheaper.
- some quirks, eg the car/lane avoidance stuff is useless as it doesn't sound an alarm (visual only.... screen is tiny). Also, I haven't really tested the GPS stuff, it embeds the location in metadata and you can review via their windows app (I think this is a standard, so other apps will read it). GPS is most useful as it sets time/date automatically,
- Quality is fine. Window reflections are a bit annoying, but some sort of shroud would probably solve this.
- A power cable with piggyback fuse adaptor, is usually the easiest install. If you power it permanently you get movement detecting carpark recording also (does it record motion just on video movement or based on vibration?? not sure yet. It does have a 3 axis accelerometer). Installing a switch might be useful I guess... if parked on a road for a long time it would record every car going past.
- I've purchased a couple of these to save mucking around with install: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Junsun-F20-DC-12-24V-5V-3A-3M-Mini-USB-Hardwire-Kit-for-Dash-Cam-Reaview/1182006_32969561940.html
- A big microSD Card is useful (a 128GB card is working fine on one of mine). Keep a spare SD card in the car in case you want to swap them out.
- If you push a button (twice if screen is off) it will lock the most recent recording which is nice.
- One of mine failed after a few months, (I've purchased 5 sets now), but is still useable and installed... it is just that the display isn't working.


Previous to that I was using a Mobius - I Have recommended these in the past: https://www.mobius-actioncam.com/ and still use one in one of my cars.
These are great quality, have a decent configuration app (windows) and huge following.
They come with a tripod mount, so I use this to mount to mount it in a car for $3

My review a few years ago