Home Emergency Kit

A Home Emergency Kit Setup List

Non Kit Items

1Water Container20L FullGarage ShelfFilled-02/12ok

Backpack Front
4Butane Gas CartridgesSuit Gas StoveFronttbaok

Backpack Side
1Fire StarterScraping flint and scraper, on keychainUseful item to keep for starting fires, and relatively waterproof. Also goes on a keyring so less easy to use. Better than a box of matches for starting a ground fire especially. Get from outdoor and camping stores in different sizes/types.Side ok
1WhistleYellow, pealess, high outputA whistle is a great way to get attention in an emergency. Well made light-weight plastic better, pealess ones less likely top get gunked up in rain/mud. Also with keyring so less likely to lose. Camping/fishing/hardware stores.Side ok
1Paracord BraceletOrange Colour, braided paracord 10+ metres, in bracelet with clip and whistleParacord is a strong but thin rope that has many uses in an emergency. A bracelet is platted from paracord... can wear it and won't lose it. Google how to make your own or buy from outdoor stores etc. This one also has a small whistle built into the plastic clip.Side ok
1MatchesWaterproof, One Box sealed and in bagMatches are a necessity to have to make a fire for cooking and heating etc. Also for lighting your gas stove or a BBQ. Waterproof ones are much better obviously. Army surplus, camping/hunting stores etc have waterproof ones.Side Pocket ok
1Dynamo MultiLED Torch, Radio, Siren, +Mini Nokia Charger cable. With crank handle. In plastic ziplock bag.Good as a multi-purpose device, but this one as well as many aren't that well made so don't rely on it to work as a sole emergency tool. The rechargeable batteries in them usually fail completely or have very low capacity after a year or two. If you can, test it regularly and replace if not holding charge. Generally they are $20-$40 from hardware store.Side Pocket ok
1Drink BottleBlack, 1L side with straw. Filled with WaterI'd suggest having a small amount of water with your emergency grab bag. You might have more stored in your house, but if you have to leave in a big hurry you won't have time to access your big water stash. Also useful to have a bottle to fill from other locations. Check the freshness of it every year or so.Side mesh pocket Filled 03/12ok

Backpack Internal
1Gas StoveIn Fold out box, incl InstructionsYou need some sort of gas stove for emergencies. Much easier than trying to make a fire... and electricity will be one of the first things to go our in a disaster. Don't forget spare gas bottles... and something to light it with! (although this self lights with piezo button too) This one is more like a little camping stove so pretty civilised, but there are simpler/lighter tramping versions. Obtained from local supermarket... but plenty around in camping/outdoor stores.Main ok
1Fire lightersBox of 24 BBQ fire lighter cubes in bagAlso useful to have these for larger fires to heat/cook. Much easier to make a fire work, even in wet conditions. Watch though - they are obviously flammable so pack them well.Main ok
3Rubbish SacksBlack, Large in rollAnother plastic item you can never have too many of. Useful for making raincoats, sleeping bag weatherproofing, shelters, toilets, oh, and you can even put stuff in them for carrying...Main ok
6Table CandlesIn Candle BoxThe easy & long lasting light source for emergencies. And romantic evenings. Don't rely on a torch or battery lantern - go with a candle first as they last much longer and it is surprising how little light you actually need to see in the dark once your eyes adjust. Standard, non-fancy candles are at the supermarket.Main ok
1BucketCollapsible 8LAnything useful that folds down is great for lightweight camping and emergencies. These buckets fold flat and pull up to hold lots of water. Also you can use for gathering food, temporary toilet etc (just don't use for both of those things without washing it)Main ok
1Water Bladder10L Foldable with tapAnother great thing to have is a collapsable water bladder. Lightweight, and better than other containers for drinking water as they don't let in other contaminants. Perfect if it has its own built in tap. Get from plastic suppliers like "Plastic box" etcMain ok
1Emergency Shelter2 Person with guy ropesCan't go past having an emergency shelter ready to go with ropes etc and everything. Saves mucking around with plastic bags or tarps. Camping and hardware stores often have them.Main ok
1High Viz VestOrange FlouroIn an emergency you might find you need to help others, or be seen and rescued. You'll need to be easily noticed and seen to be someone who is prepared. Have a Hi-Viz on standby. Cheap clothing shops, the warehouse or safety suppliers have a range.Main ok
1Leather GlovesPair Yellow & Leather Work styleStrong gloves will be useful for moving house bits, glass, wood, walls etc in the event of an earthquake or similar without ripping your hands to shreds. Gardening or safety supplies shops have good quality tough ones. Get the right size obviously.Main ok
3Dust MasksMouldable with rubber strapIn a summer emergency such as earthquake, high winds etc there will probably be a lot of debris and dust flying about. Also in a building rescue situation. Dust masks will help you to cope and not get a mouthful. Safety suppliers and gardening stores have them.Main ok
1Rope30m Poly, YellowA million uses in an emergency - you need to have rope on hand. Shelters, lashing buildings, pets, tying stuff to a roof (car or house!), building repairs, temporary bridges/access ladders etc. Get strong, light, long lasting polypropylene rope.Main ok
1Roll Toilet PaperDouble LengthIn an emergency... well you've still gotta go. Much better than leaves or A4 printer paper. The double length rolls are usually wrapped tighter so take up less space for quantity. Also double as tissue/cleaning wipes etc.Main ok
1TarpaulinBlue 1130mm x 1720mm 80g/m2Another essential item to have on hand. You can use to wrap a person, make a rain or sun shelter, cover food, shelter from the wind, make a basket to lift items to a roof and many more. A bright colour is always good in emergencies (well unless you are hiding in an alien invasion I guess)Main ok

Backpack Lowest Pocket (A)
1Duct TapeRoll 48mmx30mA ok
1AA BatteriesPack 20A12/15ok
1Aluminium Torch45 LED, Takes 4xAAA Batts not inclA ok
1Safety MatchesLong, in boxA1 ok
1NotebookSpiral Bound top (1st of two notebooks)A1 ok
1Swiss Army KnifeMulti Function VictorinoxA2 ok
30Water Purification Tablets A312/15 ok
1Compass, Whistle, Thermometer, Magnifying GlassCombo UnitA2 ok
1Playing Cards A3 ok
1NotebookSpiral Bound top (2nd of two notebooks)A3 ok
2PencilsFaber Castell, HB, In plastic packA3 ok
1Emergency Blanket A3 ok
2Emergency Rain PonchoOne yellow opaque, one clear/opaque 10" x 80"A3 ok
2TissuesSmall Pack 10x 4ply white 210mmx210mmA3 ok
1First Aid Kit A4 ok

Second to Bottom Backpack Pocket Front (B)
1AAA BatteriesPack 12B110/13ok
1Digitor RadioDigital tune, takes 2xAAAB2 ok
1Maglite torch, SmallSingle AAA, incl Battery & lanyardB2tbaok
1Dynamo Torch3LED, hand crankB2 ok
1MirrorSmall round foldable approx 7cm dia, 1 flat, 1 convexB2 ok
1Can Opener B3 ok
1KnifeIn plastic sheath, approx 150mm BladeB3 ok
1Shake TorchLinear Induction, 1 LEDB3 ok
3Glow Light Sticks B311/15ok

Suggested Items not yet obtained

Emergency Clothing TBA
Freeze Dried Food TBA
Multitool TBA
Safety Pins TBA
Instant Cold Pack TBA
Ceramic Hand Heaters TBA
Paracetamol TBA
Imodium TBA
Emergency plan sheet/door signage etc TBA
Hard copies of personal details
- Passports
- Birth Certs
- Marriage Certs
- Drivers Loc
- Insurance Policies
- Mortgage policies
Thermettehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Kettle TBA
One time use charcoal stove TBA
Life Strawhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LifeStraw TBA

To Do

List First Aid Items
Food/Clothing store


See also DisasterKitNotes for notes on recommended items from various sources
You can't have too many plastic bags! Store stuff in zip-lock bags. You can use the bags for many things, and it keeps everything dry.