Zorruno Hosting T&Cs

I host websites for friends, family, colleagues and other random people I’ve met (for their personal sites, and their small businesses)

This is an interest for me, and have a “real job” – I do not do this to profit. Once my hosting system was set up, it became relatively easy to add others to the servers, and I am skilled enough that it doesn’t take too much of my spare time. However – it doesn’t mean I’ll spend ages helping you with something that you don’t appreciate and think of as a business deal.

I do this for love, because I “can”, and because it is often a struggle for people to understand and get decent IT help. I don’t expect anything in return, but hey… if you profit from having a website here, or you win lotto – maybe help me out, pay me something, or buy me presents OK?

Hosting vs Web Design

I am a better host than web designer. Generally I will use WordPress to set up websites for people, because it is free, fantastic, has thousands of themes and plugins and is something that the average person should be easily able to manage themselves once set up.

I often will set up a website for people, either a raw wordpress site, or some thing that you have asked for or suits such as a shopping cart or gallery. I expect that once it is set up as a base site – it is something that either you manage and change it yourself (it is easy I promise!) or you pay a web designer to help you out. Yes, I can probably do it, and I still help with the tweaking for lots of my friends, but this is the time consuming part and I rarely will have the time to spend to make your site as pretty as you like.

If you show that you are trying to upskill yourself, I’ll be more likely to help you more… there are also lots of YouTube videos and sites that will give you additional training as needed.

Terms and conditions for using Zorruno Hosting

  1. Your data is 100% your own. I have no rights to the content and information on your website, and don’t want it. This applies even if I have created something for you… but again maybe think about buying me a present if your business is all going swimmingly! Generally it is pretty easy to move the data elsewhere (especially wordpress sites) and you can do so any time you like (refer “Backups”). As a courtesy, if you move it away, just let me know so I can delete your content.
  2. I give NO guarantees. If a hosting server dies, if you lose money or it breaks, I might try and help you recover it, but there are no guarantees. This is not a commercial operation, and in fact it costs me to do this. We have had minimal downtime (maybe 2 or 3 outages) over the past 8 years or so, but it may happen.
  3. I may stop this at any time. If I get annoyed with you, I need to spend my monthly $ elsewhere or for any other reason I may stop the hosting service at little to no notice. Remember there are no guarantees, and this “costs” me money rather than making any. If you have a critical 24/7 business to run online, my server is not for you.
  4. Fair Use Applies. I don’t often put limits on how much stuff you can have here, or traffic amount etc. That is because most people have smallish websites, and there is a fair amount of stuff here. If you come across a limit, just let me know and we’ll discuss. Usually I can just tick a box to allow more.
  5. Backups are your responsibility. I generally perform ad-hoc backups, and can often (usually?) recover stuff if it breaks or you stuff it up. No guarantees though. I will usually show you how to back up your stuff, help you with the first backup and show you how to do it regularly so you can recover if something happens.
  6. Preferably host your own domain name. I prefer that you own, setup and manage your own domain name… (I’ll show you how to use it with a website here) but for some friends I help when with that too. I won’t claim ownership of your domain, but if you don’t pay the domain costs, don’t expect that you still own that domain. If you host your own domain, it is easier to move elsewhere if you need to without involving me.
  7. Be kind. If I find there is a huge amount of traffic on your site, you are uploading masses of HD video, it is sending out spam or some other inconvenient issue I’ll likely disable your site whilst we sort it out. I might help you fix, or move it elsewhere if I have time.
  8. Email can be tricky. If you already have an email address that you use (free or otherwise), it is probably safer than trying to manage email on my server. I can show you how to set email up and will usually help though if you want email at you domain to work well. I can also help you to use a gmail account with your own domain. Did I mention… no guarantees?