Howto: Use Gmail for Personalised Email

You can use Google’s Gmail system to manage your personalized email.  This gives you all the benefits of being able to easily see your email on phone/tablet/computer etc.  Generally, you want the fact that you are using gmail to be invisible to people if you have your own domain however, and this method allows you to do that without setting up google’s G-Suite (was called ‘Apps for work’) or commercial services.  This also assumes you have your own hosting account and SMTP server (which you will have if you use Zorruno Hosting)

This article is designed for people who use zorruno as a hosting server, but as long as you have access to your own SMTP server (i.e. a commercial mail account) this will work for you.

We will assume you have been assigned the hosting server toaster, but if you have been assigned something else, replace for that name. We will use the domain name of as an example.

Setup your SMTP Account

We suggest you set up an entirely new email account for this (and just use the SMTP server part of the account).  Log in to your hosting account at

Go to the ‘Email’ section and on the left hand side, click ‘Email Mailbox’.  A button will appear to ‘Add new Mailbox’ which you can click.

For the new mailbox, use these settings:

Name: It is not too important, but I suggest something like “Dave’s Mailbox for Gmail SMTP Only”
Email: Something like davegmail.smtp@ (and select your domain from the dropdown box).  Don’t use a hyphen (-) in here.
Password: Generate one with the button or make one up.  Make it decent and write it down.  You only need to enter it once again (at Gmail)
Quota: Leave at 0
Send copy to: Leave blank
Spamfilter: You are only using this account for sending, so setting this won’t do any spam checks.
Enable Receiving: Untick this (you don’t need this account for receiving anything)
Disable SMTP (Sending): Don’t tick this
Disable IMAP: Tick this
Disable POP3: Tick this

Set up of Gmail account

1. Ensure you have the gmail app etc on your phone/tablet or anywhere you want to use your email
2. Log into on your computer (don’t try setting this up on a tiny device…)
3. In the top right of the screen, choose the Cog icon and then with the dropdown list choose  ‘Settings’
4. From the menus listed along the top (General…Labels…Inbox…etc) choose “Accounts and Import”
5. Find the link for ‘Add another email address that you own’ about half way through the page’
Name: Put your full name
Email Address: Use the personal email address you want people to send to ie
Treat as an alias: Tick this!  Some things won’t work sensibly if you don’t.

Port: 465
Username: (It might just use the same user/pass as you set for incoming server)
Password: ******** (The password you wrote down earlier)


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