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Complete Backup and Restore of an Android Device

If you are upgrading an Android device and want to cover everything (and pedantically save the entire history/setup of your phone), for example installing a…

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Howto: Use Gmail for Personalised Email

You can use Google’s Gmail system to manage your personalized email.  This gives you all the benefits of being able to easily see your email…

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The default problem with Facebook

Facebook has become the default social media platform for the majority of people worldwide.  I’ll start by saying, for me it was a case a…

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Zoomy taxi app is a game changer

I don’t often have a need to get a taxi these days as I am less out and about than I used to be, but…

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Should I buy a Chromebook for my child’s schoolwork?

This question gets asked of me a lot in the local area where I live. Most of the local schools ‘require’ some form of personal…

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