Howto: Zorruno Mail Settings

If you need to configure or setup your Zorruno Hosting email, please use the following settings.  If you only have ‘mail forwarding’, then none of these settings will be needed.

We will assume you have been assigned the default server which is called toaster, but if you have been assigned something else, replace for that name. We will use the domain name of as an example.

Incoming Mail Settings for POP

If you have been assigned a POP account (which is the standard), please use these preferred settings to ensure your email has full encryption when receiving. The server name should be Choose advanced settings, Secure (SSL) and select port 995. The username is your full email address eg and the password is as you set up or were assigned. You can reset your password (or your administrator can) in your Zorruno Hosting panel.

Incoming Server name (POP):
Port: (tick Secure/SSL) 995
Password: ********

Incoming Mail Settings for IMAP

If you have also been assigned an IMAP account, use these preferred settings to ensure your connection is encrypted:

Incoming Server name (IMAP):
Port: (tick Secure/SSL) 993
Password: ********

Outgoing Mail Settings for SMTP

For all mail, the preferred outgoing mail settings are:

Outgoing Server name (SMTP):
Port: (tick Secure/SSL) 587
Username: (It might just use the same user/pass as you set for incoming server)
Password: ********

Alternative mail settings

  • You can also use your domain name as the incoming and outgoing server name if you like (eg, especially if you have your own secure certificate. If you don’t have a certificate, it will still work but will complain about the wrong certificate name.
  • You can also use basic unencrypted email if you like. This is not recommended (but might help temporarily if you are having problems connecting to get email securely for some reason), and in the future Zorruno hosting may disable this option completely.
  • Unencrypted ports:
    POP: 110
    IMAP: 143
    SMTP: 25

Using Webmail to access your email

You can at any time get secure access to any email in your inbox via webmail at Again, your username is your full email address eg and the password is as you set up or were assigned.

Some users can also use this webmail panel to change mail password, and also set up anti spam filters.

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