A Very MX-Mas 2003

I thought I’d post some photos I have of various MX5 Club events and activities from the late 90s and early 2000s (when I was very much involved in the NZ Club) in case others wanted to see them. If you want to add any, feel free to get them to me. Over time I’ll add more of the albums I have, and you can click the link below to find them. (and yes, these posts are usually dated for the date of each event, not the post date).

Click http://zorruno.com/topics/vehicles/mx5/ to see more as they are added.

MX5 Club Christmas, 2003

Standard Club stuff, go to a place around Xmas, have a picnic. Well that is what it is like in NZ… maybe not in the UK and US. This was a bunch of pics from way back in 2003.

Disclaimer: I am mindful that these photos are public here, and they may show you, your car registration or something you may not want posted publicly. Also, I’m pretty sure I took all these…or someone else has given me permission to use them. If I didn’t I apologise, and again please let me know.
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Feel free to email me@zorruno.com for takedown requests, or to send me more photos.

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