Tasmota Rule Examples

Below are some rules for Tasmota that I’ve used over the years, including doing basic standalone automations (no Home Assistant, no Node Red, or other additional tools). Standalone automation can be handy, and in simple cases you don’t need any working wireless for basic functions. If you install smart devices, you can safely disconnect your networking (eg if you sell your house) and still have some basic smart functions.

BYD Atto 3, 2023 – Yet another new owner story

I have had a 2014 Nissan Leaf for 5 years, and it is possibly the most sensible car I’ve ever had. We needed a vehicle to replace our aging Mazda MPV which we tow a caravan with and wanted another EV. After much searching, we discounted overall towing performance, (I bought an American Ute for this). The Atto 3 started to become popular and a small dealership opened at our local shopping centre so we bought one.