Lachco Front Door Lock for Home Automation

I researched, bought and installed an electronic front door lock to go with the home automation & security system for under NZ$200.

Lachco SL16092RM


Product Manual:

Access Tags: These are the tags I bought (if you want keyring tags). They are Mifare-1 and you need to order with the lock for this supplier.


  • Approx NZ$160 landed when I bought it, but I see it has gone up slightly (freight is about $40 of that). I see you can get in a silver and bronze colour now.
  • RFID Tag/Card access and PIN access
  • Physical Key access (this is really for override/emergency access, I’ve never needed to use it)
  • Most importantly to me, it has an RF remote also, so you can control from a home automation system in future by connecting the remote buttons to relays/mqtt etc
  • Battery operated (no hard wiring or door core drilling needed). Takes 4x AA, which seem to last more than a few months with decent alkaline batteries.
  • Replaces standard latch set (60mm from door edge).
  • Free handle exit (physical) and door can be pushed closed (ie the latch does not need to be in to close, as with many motor driven or deadlocks)

Issues & Notes:

Broken part, but generic replacement easily found

After over a year of use it has held up pretty well apart from a latch breakage. The internal door tongue mechanism that was supplied broke once (after about 6 months) but it is a generic part and I got one from a locksmith. Possibly the spring had just fallen out of it, not sure.

The front plastic clear cover was looking a bit manky, but didn’t realise it had a clear cover on it which I removed after the first year. People like the tags, and having a PIN as a backup is useful if you go for a walk and want to leave your keys behind. I haven’t actually hooked it in to MQTT yet, but I do use the remote to unlock the door from a distance (it sits at my desk in the lounge currently…)

Remember to put a number/ID on all the tags you hand out (I engraved mine – they come with no markings at all). If one gets lost, you will need to remember which programming slot it was in so you can delete it.

Also, I recommend handing out different PIN numbers… so if you think one has been give out, you can delete it.

A minor annoyance with the lock, that it appears you can’t change… it takes 9 presses to unlock with a pin number. A two digit ID followed by a 6 digit PIN then the ‘#’ key. The instructions seem to suggest you can change this to 4 digits, but a quirk in the programming stops this… and the supplier doesn’t seem to know what I’m talking about. You need a 6 digit PIN to change to 4 digits, and when you change… your programming PIN is still 6 digits, so you can’t enter it! Trust me, I tried to figure it out for hours.

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