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Cheap/Small Wireless Streaming Camera (V380)

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Getting an ultra cheap wireless IP camera to put out an RTSP Stream with updated config file. This enables it to be firewalled off the wider internet (local view only).

Camera Details

I paid $14 with free shipping when ordered. Comes with USB plugpack (NZ/AU) and USBC cable. No SD card ordered with it.

Current price is $19 as of this note.

Setup with Android App

It can be set up with the V380 app in the android play store. I set it up with a static IP.


Getting RTSP to work

  • Create a file called ceshi.ini in root directory of a micro sd card containing this below, make a .txt file and change its .txt to .ini and name it ceshi then put this in it and save it
  • Put it in the root the Micro SD Card with nothing on it (and in Fat32).
  • Turn camera off, insert the micro sd card, boot camera, wait a while, turn camera off, remove sd card, boot camera. (Voice prompt changes and says something in chinese as well as the usual English info)
  • After that, the camera updated and RTSP port was now open.
  • Delete the file off the SD card before you use it again.

    This is the url I used to view it in VLC


Files received from the support team or other places online

Don’t blame me if this firmware bricks your camera or sets fire to your dog. I haven’t tested most of them and they are here for my reference only (and some are likely identical). If you need a zip password, it is “v380v380”. To upgrade the firmware files you apparently:

What an upgrade set looks like
  1. Unzip the files
  2. Copy the files to the root of the microSD
  3. Restart the camera
  4. Wait until the update finishes, listening if you have a horn or watching the LEDs
  5. Check that the ports have been opened
  6. Delete the SD update files


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