Whole House Surge Suppression for 3 Phase


Common in Europe and other locations around the world, but not really in NZ is the use of surge suppression modules in a main DB. I have a few servers and sensitive equipment so thought it might be a good idea as I was building a small power monitoring switchboard anyway.

Standard install practice is to use an MCB before each one, and my 4 pole set also protects the neutral circuit. I had a 3 phase switch too spare, so this is a good idea to isolate everything.

Whole House Surge Suppression


I suggest you buy a spare set of surge suppressors, in case one blows and you want to replace it quickly. It would be nice to have a monitoring circuit to notify on suppressor failure, and although it looks like the surge base has the possibility of switching something, I haven’t seen anything sensible to do this yet.

Useful Youtube Links regarding these din rail surge supressors: